Reclamation Gas Statition

Reclamation Gas Statition
Delacey James Concept Art


Picture Wrap and Picture Lock

So Reclamation is wrapped and we have finished they editing process- now on to sound, color and visual effects!

Can't wait to show the world the amazing film we made. Many thanks to the awesome crew in New Mexico as well as the LA guys- they truly made this film happen.

Check back here very soon for some video goodies!



Reclamation is really coming together!

We have completed our photography in Los Angeles and are getting ready for New Mexico!
We are shooting in the Las Cruces NM area January 6th-11th, and if anyone in there area is interested in either PAing or being an extra in the film please email me at

The footage looks amazing, our DP Adam Lee is truly one of the gifted young DPs in LA and is going to go on to do amazing things in film.
Michael Massee is fantastic, and it has been a great experience working with one of the most talented actors in the biz.

Many thanks to all who've helped out. Look forward to more updates and where to see the finished film!



The Film

Reclamation is a short narrative film set in a post apocalyptic future.
We follow Lawrence Shiftlet, a grifter, mechanic, but above all survivor, as he searches what's left of the world for a little piece of serenity.

Reclamation is my graduate thesis film for Loyola Marymount's Prestigious School of Film and Television.
We will begin principle photography in late November.

Please check out my previous work at

Stay tuned for updates and for more information on how to help the film!

-Dave Lehleitner